My order was correct!
Wish the app had pictures and better description.
I gave this establishment three stars, the service was great, but however I ordered my food ahead of time via Beyond Menu when I arrived my food wasn't ready and the hostess that helped me was confused by what I meant that I ordered online. She proceeded to get a manager for further help. The Beyond Menu printer is in the office locked and the only people that can get in are management. If this establishment is going to be a part of this company then shouldn't they be more aware of the online orders they have? And why is the printer for online tickets in a room locked where employees can't get in to know. The food and service was good, but it's concerning to order ahead and having to wait for food that should ahead be at the cash register ready to go when you arrive.
The ordering process is simple - however the pricing is still not right. I am quoted one amount online (or I can pay that amount online) then when I go pick up the food - they tell me I owe more because the prices have not been updated. This has been incorrect for over 6 months and I continue to give this feedback.
Sushi Sashimi Combo is always fresh, perfect and delicious, but very inconsistent about what comes with it! Last time soup and salad, this time nothing! Shrimp Vegetable Tempura was delightful. Ordering online, price at pick-up is never what website tells me it will be! Always higher.
Yes, it is very good. It's unlikely you'll be disappointed. I can't give it 5 stars though because I've had sushi a little bit better for about the same price.
Any questions please call us.